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Blessings and thank you so much for considering us as a vehicle to assist you with the Social Network Marketing and Promotion of your effort, event, business or ministry!  Have you ever wanted to promote on-line specifically to your zip code? Well, now you can! Let us show you how we can effectively reach your target audience, in any city or any state / provence, any where!

The Difference

We currently own or maintenance 40+ social network pages online and have for years worked feverishly to attract individuals to them.  We use our existing pages to spring board your efforts with greater initial impact and results!  In the marketing of our past Kingdom-focused efforts and past events we have purchased in excess of 1,000,000,000 impressions through various social networks and have developed winning strategies for lowering pay-per-click pricing.  On average we secure pricing from 10% to 70% lower than the average user purchasing pay per click advertising.  So, if you use us, your savings in pay-per-clicks could more than pay for the price of our campaign packages.

A Few Of Our Social Network Pages

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Our Service Options

We offer you tailor made Social Network Marketing campaigns that·encompass the use of various and agreed upon social networks.  Services include page creation, page management, event / campaign strategy, ad purchasing, ad management, banner ad design, flyer design and more!  Campaigns are tailored based upon desired Geographical Location, Gender, Age, Marital Status, Denominational Affiliation, Ministry Focus, Personal Interests, Hobbies & More!  We provide trackable stats upon request.  Our professional graphics team is top notch and produces·high quality ad copy inclusive banners, flyers, brochures and more!  Our signature Nationwide Ministry eBlasts are the perfect tool to utilize in conjunction with a tailored social media campaign, as our database of 50,000+ church and community leaders breaks down by state allowing you the ability to send to our National or Regional areas.  We currently are connected with 2,000+ Christian Professionals on Linked and have 40 pages on Facebook with an average of 3,225+ on each many of which have memberships in excess of 10,000.

Here Are A Few Of Our Recent Client Campaigns

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Social Network Marketing Time Structure

The following will give you an idea of the time structure but please call for more detailed information.  Campaigns can be set to run for any determined amount of time, be it days, weeks, months or beyond!  Given the nature of marketing through Social Networks please allow 1 day for strategy after an agreement has been met.  Give 1 to 3 business days for creative artwork to be completed.  Finally give 1 business day after the artwork has been approved for your ads to be placed.  Ads run 24 hours a day during an agreed upon and determined amount of time.  We can serve multiple clients and efforts at a time, so unlike or signature eblast service we have no client or time slot restrictions, we can service as many events or efforts as you agree too.  Our reachable office hours are monday through friday from 9am to 5pm Central Standard Time, yet someone is watching your created ads 24 hours a day.  To be safe when possible please give 3 days before you desire a campaign to run.

Event/Effort Time for Ad Copy Time for Ad Placement Min. Amount of Time Suggested Max. Amount of Time Suggested
Local Concert 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 3 Days Before 6 Weeks Before
Church Anniversary 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 5 Days Before 3 Weeks Before
Local Convention 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 3 Days Before 8 Weeks Before
Regional Convention 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 5 Days Before 2 - 3 Months Before
National Convention 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 5 Days Before 4 Months Before
Local Play 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 3 Days Before 3 Weeks Before
Local Business 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval Continual Continual
Local Seminar 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 5 Days Before 3 Weeks Before
Product 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval Continual Continual
Business Service 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval Continual Continual
Website 1 - 3 Days 1 Day After Ad Copy Approval 5 Days Before 3 Weeks Before

Flyer Format

Your event/efforts information·should be sent·in the form of a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PDF file,·yet any format·should be sent as an attachment and not in the body of the email. Images / jpegs should be saved as close to 300 dpi as possible. Please note that all flyers should be created in an industry standard program such as Photoshop and be free from Typographical Error or Omission, do always include the: Who, What, When, Where, For More Information & Associated Costs.· It is our experience that if you create them in Word or Publisher the quality of your blast will be extremely decreased, in most cases due to clarity we can not accommodate files created by those programs, but if you must and the clarity issue is resolved then the rule of thumb you should follow is: no small fonts at all, all fonts should be as large and as bold as possible, images usually don't suffer much.· We send out all of our information at 600 pixels in width, you may send your information at that size or we will resize it for you at no additional cost.· If you need a flyer created, we can do that for you at a rate of approximately $100 to $150 depending upon content.· Also please note that when you submit a flyer for us to eblast that we save it on our server, encode it two different ways and restate the details beneathe the flyer in the proof, in as much if you submit a flyer to be sent and then want to swap it out, there is an additional fee of $25 per changing of the flyer.

Payment Policies

Respectfully our process is quick and upon the running of any ads through social networks, once they've been secured payment has already been sent, in that we request all payments before information goes out. You may ask: What is the quickest way to get a payment to us? Credit Card by phone is the fastest way, yet we will accept Paypal or an Overnight delivery. *Paypal an online clearing house for credit card payments is as said available, in its use either we can forward you an invoice for processing via email to the address associated with your account OR you may log into your paypal account; hit the 'SEND MONEY' tab, a box will open requesting a telephone number or email address, please input ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ' as the address and then the amount, after which a new screen pops up to confirm the transaction, please do reference your event or effort in the subject line and hit send. We also do checks by mail; unfortunately we must wait for checks to clear before service can be rendered, yet in order to expedite matters, please feel free to forward a money order OR cashiers check and upon receipt work may begin. Please make all checks payable to Nationwide Ministry and mailed to: Nathaniel Jiles 8504 Pierce Place, Merrillville, Indiana 46410


With respect to pricing consider this type of advertising similar to utilizing the U S Postal Service, to reach 1 person you would spend $.44 on a stamp and to reach 1,000 people you would spend $440.00 on stamps, similarly the more people you want to reach or the higher the frequency by which you want to reach them will increase your needed budget.

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